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The Sojourner Foundation (TSF), a youth initiative, was registered in 2003 as a charity to become a catalyst for community cohesion. With the vision of helping communities to lead and transform their developments needs into sustainable empowerment actions, the mission of TSF is to work primarily with youth, at-risk youth, and women – to give persons the opportunity to be responsible for the upliftment and upkeep of their community, as a community. Under our mandate, we also build strategic partnerships and offer opportunities for empowerment through various projects and programs created for young men and women.


Give people the opportunity to be responsible for the upliftment and upkeep of their community as a community.


Helping communities to lead and transform their development needs into sustainable empowerment actions.


  • Promote self-sustainability and self-sufficiency in our communities
  • Use our farm property to create a sustainable food production and education model
  • Empower young people to act as change agents to ensure the longevity of the organization’s vision

Major Achievements

  • Production of over several hundred pounds of food
  • Development of STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum with both online and on-the-ground practical implementation
  • Youth Farming and Leadership Programme conducted in partnership with the Barbados Youth ADVANCE Corps. The Youth Farming and Leadership Project focused on engaging and educating young people aged 10 to 35 in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics(STEAM) and Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Living, Cooperative Economics, Arts, and crafts, etc. The curriculum was developed against the backdrop of the importance of food security and having a solid food production system that enables us to feed our community healthy food while preserving our environment.

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