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Stichting Buurtwerk Latour was established in 1986 and is a community-based organization that seems to provide a range of activities to the residents of the Latour Community, particularly its youth. A range of diverse activities are undertaken by the organization, such as training, poverty alleviation, youth employment programs, promotion of gender equality, childcare, and after-school care.


The foundation aims to be helpful in the development of the residents of the Latour project region and surroundings at a physical, mental, cultural, and social level, based on a Christian philosophy.


Promoting self-motivation and co-responsibility of residents.


  • To raise development awareness among residents concerning achieving more by looking at opportunities together.

Major Achievements

  • Stibula has done groundbreaking work in its 55 years of existence. This way, they fulfill a bridge function between the citizens and the government.
  • Established linkages with various international organizations, which has resulted in collaborations on various projects.

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