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Stand up for Jamaica is human rights NGO. It was established in 2002, and it is operating in Jamaica.
It is regularly registered and audited at the Registrar for NGOs in Jamaica. Stand Up For Jamaica is doing advocacy to promote legislative and cultural changes providing opportunities for the most fragile and discriminated people in Jamaica, such as women, children, prisoners, the mentally ill, persons living with HIV, and LGBT.


Human rights promotion and advocacy, defense of the most vulnerable people, advocacy for access to justice for all, and promotion of inclusion.


SUFJ promotes equal rights for all citizens, our mandate is to assist and advocate for the most vulnerable elements of our society, such as women, children, youths at risk, incarcerated people, the LGBT community, the mentally ill, disabled. We are engaged in both advocacy and work on the grounds to offer support to those in need through projects and activities proving concrete answers to their needs.


  • Access to justice for all through advocacy and partnership with all involved stakeholders promoting all needed changes to ensure that the justice system will respond to instances for those who are in need.
  • Defense of abused women and children through an action providing them with legal representation, social services, and psychological assistance.
  • Advocacy for implementing a new legislative frame to offer GBV victims real instruments and support and to inform the beneficiaries of the newly available instruments widely.
  • Promotion of rehabilitation and reintegration at Correctional Service on three main avenues, education, professional skills, and psychological help. It is an avenue contributing to reducing violence due to the selected target.
  • Action towards discrimination and stigma through projects for LGBT community, particularly the incarcerated ones.
  • A new policy to deal with incarcerated mentally ill and a campaign on mental illness to promote early detection, assessment, networking, and inclusion.
  • A new legislative frame for juveniles in conflict with the law and extended programs involving families and schools.
  • Expansion of restorative justice into correctional services and communities as an instrument of healing and reconciliation.

Major Achievements

  • Increased rehabilitation activities at correctional services especially related to schools where students number and level of CSEC students have significantly reached since 2020with, a pilot project with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean where the first cohort of students-inmates graduated with the highest marks.
  • Support to rehab by the Ministry of Security and Justice with the partnership of all proposed projects.
  • Introduction and expansion of restorative justice in all penal institutions and communities all over the country.
  • Reintegration programs to allow ex-inmates access to jobs and to become productive members of their communities.
  • The new legislative frame on the GBV table in parliament.
  • Abolition of Art 24 of the National Children Act abolishing the label of uncontrollable intended as a crime while diversion to incarceration is the main achievement.
  • An ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Health related to mental illness to introduce an alternative measure to punishment for the mentally ill and in the introduction of programs, especially for juveniles to early detection of mental challenges with proposed action aimed to allow them to remain in their families and communities due to the building of a network assisting them and their families.

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