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St. Patricks Environmental and Community Tourism Organization ( SPECTO) is a non-profit environmental and community tourism advocacy group established in 2009. SPECTO engages the community in the protection and conservation of the endangered leatherback turtle species and the development of alternative livelihoods based on environmental conservation and activism.


To develop and coordinate eco-tourism activities in the Parish of St Patrick, which contributes to the advancement of the people of the Parish by increasing job opportunities and raising awareness while protecting endangered species and the environment in general.


To make the Parish of St Patrick flourish with opportunities for employment through the sustainable development practices of youth and adults in the communities.

Objectives of the organization

  • Long term sustainability and deepened community commitment toward management of an indigenous natural resource
  • Enhanced sustainable eco-tourism and alternative livelihood opportunities for marginalized communities in St Patrick
  • Conservation and natural resources protection
  • Advanced interactive and accessible educational activities that are science-based, provide knowledge on various science topics, including biodiversity, biology, and conservation.

Major Achievements

Since its inception, SPECTO has:

  • Provided guided tours to the endangered female leatherback turtle from 2010 as a popular eco-tour of the Pure Grenada brand
  • Provided branding and merchandising products on the leatherback turtle
  • Hosting exhibitions showcasing climate-smart mitigation and adaptation products and services
  • Hosted panel discussions and awareness-raising events in the communities from 2010 to 2019  on environmental issues
  • Aided in coastal protection through coastal cleanups and anti-litter promotions, practices, and panel discussions

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