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Sacred Sports Foundation ( SSF) is a legally registered NGO established in 2008 and located in St.Lucia. The organization is dedicated to social development for Caribbean youth using sport and physical activity as a catalyst for change. SSF focuses on assisting local youth in tackling critical social issues of unemployment, child welfare, health, and youth development to foster increased community participation in socially inclusive physical activity, alongside efforts to promote positive gender awareness and alleviate discrimination of all kinds.


To assist disenfranchised communities through socially inclusive physical activity for young people in low-income areas, using physical activity and sport as the primary tools for our development programs. Our message is to promote a positive outlook on life and the future, emphasizing gender awareness, environmental sustainability, and healthy lifestyles.


To be the catalyst for change in the region, with the vision of using our collective understanding of development issues, project management skills, and healthy lifestyles knowledge/contacts to establish a thought-leading Caribbean organization of international repute.


  • To focus on helping tackle critical social issues of unemployment, child welfare, health/mental health, and youth development.
  • To foster increased community participation in socially inclusive physical activity.
  • To promote positive gender awareness and alleviate discrimination of all kinds. 
  • To advise and advocate for all matters relating to youth, Child Rights and Child Protection.
  • To promote violence prevention/conflict resolution.

Major Achievements

  • For ten consecutive years, Sacred Sports Foundation (SSF) has grown consistently. The number of programs, the type of programs, the scale, and the range of their programs have expanded to incorporate more structured, fun, and inclusive physical activity combined with youth training opportunities and public education initiatives.
  • SSF continues to support learning for beneficiaries in friendly, safe spaces in many of the more challenging & violent communities, from pioneering gender awareness projects, UK certified youth mentorship training schemes to innovative ability over disability play initiatives.
  • In 2020 , SSF experienced new and unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. extended family was hit hardest, namely those amazing children found in the most disadvantaged communities, removing the ability for them to do face to face schooling and play, literally cutting vital food, travel and learning support systems where they are most needed. With immense pride we sought to tackle those concerns and redefined our delivery model. We expanded into offering innovative new food, nutrition, and health support programmes in response to the demands of our participants, parents and guardians.
  • In 2021, SSF collaborated with the Canadian Government (CFLI) to train a new cadre of forty community youth mentors and NGO leaders in gender equity practices to establish one of the Eastern Caribbean’s first gender expression programs for challenging anti-LGBTQI+ stereotypes and biases.
  • SSF has taken bold, targeted strategic decisions, upgrading systems and child safeguarding standards to incorporate the challenges posed by online learning and committed to a new 3Goals programme, leading to a One Child, One Tablet and One Ball policy that promises to positively revolutionise the experiences our children have when engaged in our programmes.

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