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Rise Life Management Services is a vibrant and dynamic Non- Governmental Organisation ( NGO) established in 1989. The organization has existed for over thirty years and has made a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable populations in Jamaica.


RISE Life’s mission is to deliver programs that empower vulnerable populations, creating a pathway for them to realize their full potential; and build the capacity of civil society organizations towards strengthening (the Jamaican) society while preserving the environment and safeguarding the physical and emotional well-being of those most at risk.


A Jamaica where young people and vulnerable populations are empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices in a supportive and rehabilitative environment.


  • To design and implement programs for at-risk children, youth, and families, particularly in vulnerable communities.
  • To contribute to the strengthening of the CSO sector through advocacy, capacity building, and relevant support services.
  • To provide prevention, treatment, and intervention services for substance misuse, including 24-hour counseling services through a telephone lifeline.
  • To create a responsible gaming environment by collaborating with the industry regulator to develop policies, programs, and campaigns and to facilitate research activities on gaming

Major Achievements

  • The first NGO in Jamaica to create and operate an outpatient substance misuse treatment day programme in Jamaica, for mainly medium to high-risk youth in conflict with the law. The programme served more than 200 youths and was based on international, evidence-based best practices for working with adolescents.
  • Developed first-in-kind educational and training material (i.e., animations and guides) to empower students, guidance counsellors and other practitioners in the field of addiction. 
  • Support the inclusion of persons with disabilities in social and economic activities within Jamaica by providing Jamaican Sign Language training to persons from key public and private sectors (e.g., members of the police force, health workers, bankers, etc.), through project funding support from the European Union, in collaboration with partners serving members of the disabled community, and to further the inclusion aims of the Disabilities Act passed in 2022.
  • Captured oral history of indigenous group elders to incorporate into material to promote identity to youths involved in a positive youth development programme.
  • Enable the inclusion of members of the deaf community (including farmers) in environmental matters by facilitating the development of training in areas such as climate change and climate resilient agriculture through project funding provided by the European Union to advance sustainable forest management and livelihoods in Jamaica.
  • Won award for Most Outstanding Poster in the Scientific Research Competition held by the International Centre for Responsible Gaming for study entitled, Jamaica Child and Adolescent Gambling Survey, 2007.

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