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One good deed matters while saving lives, improving lives, and achieving social justice.


To become a leading NGO in the improvement of sustainable livelihoods and to reduce inequality.


  • To reduce inequalities among CARICOM families by 2030. 
  • To improve sustainable livelihoods among the youth, women, men, elderly, and immigrants. 

Major Achievements

 Improving the vision of the most vulnerable groups

  •  Partnered with community groups to support and promote eye health in Dominica and St. Lucia. 
  • Collaborated with visiting medical agencies and groups to provide follow-up on patients’
  • Provided free spectacles to children and adults 
  • Provided support to organizations at health fairs 
  • Provides vision assessments and treatment to immigrants and indigenous groups  

Improved knowledge of health status

  • Partnered with community groups to support free vital checks
  • Partnered with agencies to support free medical examinations 
  • Partnered with agencies to provide free eye assessments on World Sight Day  
  • Support was given to diabetic patients offering HBA1C assessments. 

Telemedicine as a medium to support the management of Chronic diseases in Dominica 

  • Collaborated with agencies to establish research on telemedicine in the management of chronic diseases 
  • Collaborated with agencies to implement a pilot project on Telemedicine in the management of chronic diseases 
  • Improved capacity of patients in telemedicine education 

Disaster Risk Management 

  • Post-Hurricane Maria provided charging stations for families and individuals.  
  • Post-Hurricane Maria, a distribution of container food, water, and supplies to the most vulnerable. 
  • Post-Hurricane Maria, the distribution of equipment powered by solar 
  • Post-Hurricane Maria, first Aid support was realized immediately in the Capital City of Roseau and at Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, 
  • Post-Hurricane Maria accompanied the police to collect the dead in nearby communities. 
  • Post-Hurricane Maria, assessments of the hospital were realized in collaboration with the French Team  
  • Post-Hurricane Maria, home repairs were realized in nearby communities. 
  • Organization of medical voluntaries to give support in the aftermath of the St. Vincent eruption 
  • Provided counseling to the most vulnerable during the COVID – 19 Pandemic 

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