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The organization was initially an association in 1982 but transitioned to a foundation in 2001. The organization primarily promotes advocacy and gender equality, entrepreneurship development, and the environment and Climate Change.


The NVB is an intermediary NGO promoting and advocating for gender equality and sustainable socio-economic community development, forging strategic partnerships with other entities working in gender equality and sustainable community development.


The NVB is working towards the socio-economic empowerment of women and their environment and, in doing so, contributing to minimizing the consequences of socio-economic inequalities in our society, particularly for women and their environment.


  • To promote women’s rights and gender equality.
  • To reduce socioeconomic inequalities in our society, especially those faced by women.
  • To eliminate violence and abuse against women and children.
  • To improve women’s access to opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, employment, health care, and management of natural resources.
  • To empower women and girls in their cultural and natural environment.

Major Achievements

  • Established Ilse Henar Hewitt Juridische Bijstand voor Vrouwen, which is a foundation that provides legal aid to women in Suriname.
  • Contributed to the enactment of a law to combat domestic violence.
  • Contributed to the draft legislation to combat sexual intimidation and harassment at the workplace
  • With support from the EU and the UNDP, the organization supported female farmers in Corone in increasing their resilience to climate change and promoting alternative cultivation and livestock breeding methods for sustainable food security.
  • Implemented a female taxi driver project.

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