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The National Youth Council of Dominica was inaugurated in 1970 and aims to support, promote and sustain youth development, youth empowerment, and involvement in all spheres within Dominica.


Creating opportunities for all Dominican youth to be heard, be empowered and be the change.

Be Heard – Creating space for youth to share views and ideas with peers, government agencies, and private sector institutions to build civic capacity and narrow the gap.

Be Empowered – Equipping youth with access to resources, networks, and development opportunities to meet needs at all individual life stages.

Be The Change – Providing a platform for youth to connect with like-minded youth and other government agencies, take action through structured programs (e.g., National Youth Parliament) and digital mechanisms, and for youth to contribute back to the community.


Increased youth advocacy and catalysts to national country actions resolving youth development challenges through empowerment and engagement.


  • To support, promote and sustain a tradition of youth development, youth empowerment, and youth involvement.
  • To continue to support youth participation on all levels and sectors of society.

Major Achievements

  • Youth Recognition Awards, First held in 2006. These awards highlight the amazing contributions that Dominican youth make to their communities, nation, and world each day. It is envisioned that these awards will instill a culture within Dominica where its younger citizens are seen as assets and resources within their communities and nation, not problems to be fixed or solved.

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