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Founded in November 1988, the  IAGDO is the umbrella body of indigenous, development, and non-governmental organizations in Grenada. Its formation was intended to provide a united and collaborative approach to community development by member organizations. Six agencies were initially involved in the formation of the IAGDO :

  • Agency for Rural Transformation Ltd. ( ART)
  • Grenada Save the Children ( GRENSAVE)
  • Grenada Food and Nutrition Council ( GFNC)
  • Grenada Union of Productive Co-operatives ( GUPC)
  • Grenada Community Development Agency ( GRENCODA)


To provide support to its membership and to act on their behalf to develop their capacity for survival, sustainability, and efficient delivery of services to their constituents.


A resilient, inclusive, and influential organization/sector which seeks to empower its membership for sustainable development.


  • To  strengthen the governance and operational structure of  IAGDO;
  • To mobilize adequate human capital and financial resources for the effective functioning of the IAGDO and its membership
  • Increase and broaden the membership of IAGDO
  • To significantly enhance the capacity and competence of IAGDO and its membership to influence national development policies and the national development policy process

Major Achievements

  • Representation on several national multi-stakeholder committees, representing NGO/CSO sector/
  • Acknowledgment and Recognition of the work of the NGO/CSO Sector in Grenada through lobbying by the IAGDO
  • Code of Political Conduct to Guide the Election Campaign (1999, 2003, 2008; 2013 & 2018):  mobilized non-state actors and civil society organizations to participate in the development of the Code of Political Conduct over five successive elections since the 1999 elections. 
  • Non State Actors Panel, 2010-2014:   Instrumental in lobbying for the Government of Grenada to implement the provisions of the COTONOU  Agreement – the European Union – African, Caribbean and Pacific States Co-operation Agreement – which provided for the establishment of the Non-State Actors Panel in Grenada to  facilitate participation in political dialogue, policy dialogue, programming and review related to EU development assistance
  • Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy/Management Action Plan:  Facilitated the development of the NSAP Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy and Management Action Plan – a civil society response/recommendations to the findings of the Country Poverty Assessment 2008. 
  • Grouping of Civil Society Organisations:  convenor of the Grouping of Civil Society Organisations in 2013 to promote greater civic awareness and engagement in the country’s governance.   This grouping participated in the development of a multipartite Social Compact.
  • Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee:  The IAGDO represented the NGO/CSO sector on the Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee, 2014-2016 and coordinated the review and feedback of the proposed amendment bills, and facilitated public education.

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