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The Grenada National Council of the Disabled (GNCD) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in May of 1985 to provide a louder voice for persons with disabilities within Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. At the time of inception, GNCD provided a forum whereby persons with disabilities could discuss the issues and lack of resources that pertained to their community, advocate for change, and provide support.  GNCD has grown to become a large organization supportive of the needs of persons with disabilities. Through various training programs and awareness campaigns, GNCD has helped enhance the social and economic status of persons with disabilities.


To facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities in the community by creating public awareness and providing training opportunities.


The general objective of the Council is to guide, focus, and direct persons with disabilities to take responsibility and take action for their well-being and to advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities in the state of Grenada:-

  • To serve as an umbrella body representing the interests of persons with disabilities.
  • To foster the formation of associations or groups representing persons with disabilities.
  • To facilitate training programs for the development of persons with disabilities.
  • To organize social and recreational activities for the physical and social well-being of members.
  • To create and maintain consciousness within the society of the needs of individuals with disabilities to provide specific amenities and facilities for their convenience.
  • To represent the members’ interest at local, regional, and international fora.
  • To acquire and hold by lease, purchase, or donation any property, movable or immovable, which may be necessary for carrying out any or all of the objectives of the Council.
  • To do all such things that are instrumental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Council
  • To keep under review the work being done for persons with disabilities and to promote action for their rehabilitation and well-being.

Major Achievements

  • Partnerships with persons in the diaspora to procure donations of assistive devices, hospital beds, and other necessities for distribution to  PWDs.
  • Successfully advocated for the inclusion of students with disabilities to be integrated into mainstream skills training programs: – students were trained under the SKYE Skills Training program.
  • Facilitate training and support to PWDs to enable them to become small business entrepreneurs.  Among these are:-  a blind individual who owns and operates his radio station and a physically challenged individual who is now a certified electrician and is self-employed.
  • Partnership with the TOY PROJECT OF ENGLAND through which students of Grenada’s 3 Special Education schools were provided Christmas boxes for the students.
  • Advocacy on the issue of access for PWDs –  to ensure that this is a consideration in approving plans for all new public facilities.

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NGO Contact Information Coordinator: Hillary Gabriel MBE

Hillary Gabriel MBE

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