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GRENED is a non-governmental organization established in 1996. GRENED works to promote sustainable economic and social development by producing educated, socially engaged citizens and leaders, emphasizing on youth.


To work with the youth in rural communities, using education as a catalyst for individual and communal empowerment, leadership, and transformation.


To provide Grenada with educational opportunities and resources to achieve economic self-determination, social equality, and poverty reduction.


  • To support families of promising, rural young leaders with uniforms, tuition fees, transportation allowance, and other necessary school supplies in their children’s formal education.
  • To train, support, and encourage the leadership development of rural youth in their schools, communities, and churches.
  • Avoid dropouts from school because of a lack of finances, uniforms, food, and other supplies.
  • To support Grenada’s efforts at sustainable development via support for youth education and community development.

Major Achievements

  • Provided thousands of books and encyclopedias to over 125 institutions in Grenada, inclusive of schools, prisons, health centers, and homes.
  • Supported hundreds of rural youth to gain access to and complete secondary school. A few dozen have also completed college and university.
  • Brought historical and public policy knowledge to local, and rural communities
  • Been a partner with the private sector and international organizations to rebuild Grenada in the wake of 2004 Hurricane Ivan.
  • Contributed to national NGO and government education, planning, review, advocacy, and other sessions for the public good – on sustainable development, ending violence against women, climate change, and others.
  • Completed two Vulnerability Community Assessment  projects under CANARI
  • Completed a Domestic Violence against women and girls project with the UN Women.
  • Implemented the second phase of the Disaster Resilience Projects under CANARI (scheduled to end this month ( July)) in Telescope and Balthazar
  • Joined the campaign for people’s progress- Farmer’s Night Market, book launch, National Rainbow City, Learn to Swim, and Beach Clean-up Campaign.

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