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GRENCODA was established in 1986 and is an indigenous non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental development agency committed to developing Grenada’s rural communities. GRENCODA is well known and respected for its engagement with the most vulnerable individuals and communities in Grenada. Its engagement with small farmers, education and training for unemployed women/youth, advocacy for land tenure for human settlement, particularly for women, its Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic (LACC) child support and domestic violence programs, as well as the many activities directly relating to livelihood and well being are well documented and widely acclaimed by UN agencies, church bodies, regional and international institutions.


To provide guidance and support to rural individuals, families, and communities to improve their quality of life;  it does this by encouraging people’s participation in community-based initiatives which will build self-reliance, particularly among small farmers, low-income workers, and youth.


• To support individuals, families, and communities to improve their quality of life and well being.
• To promote people’s participation in community-based initiatives which build capacity, self-sufficiency, and community cohesiveness.

Major Achievements

  • Erected over fifty rainwater harvesting structures

GRENCODA provided over fifty (50) rainwater harvesting structures and water tanks (800) to farmers in rural Grenada severely affected by the prolonged dry spells. These farmers depend on farming for their livelihood and farm in extreme conditions. Their dependency on rainwater as the main water source has affected their yield and production capacity. With this assistance, there is a yearlong supply of water which has positively impacted their households.

  • Provision of assistance to over 100 students in Secondary School annually

The Student Assistance Program supports hundreds of students in attaining a secondary education. These students come from a background of rural poverty, single-headed households, unemployment, abuse, and school dropout. The program covers a five-year scholarship in which school uniforms, books, and school fees are provided. There is a psychosocial aspect where the students are provided with retreats and support from counselors and regular visits from the GRENCODA team to lend support and encouragement. The success of this program can boast of students attaining high positions in their workplaces in various sectors and excelling as private business owners.

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