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The Gilbert Agriculture and Rural Development Centre (GARDC) was established in 1989 and provide vocational training and business advice to help vulnerable young people gain employable, technical, and entrepreneurial skills to compete in a global work environment. The Center evolved from a two year pilot project in 1989 sponsored by the Canadian Government (Canada Training Awards Project), the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA), and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Due to the success of the pilot project and the determination of the MCCA to make a social investment in the youth of this region, the GARD Center has now developed into a full-time training facility. Its main program areas are Youth Vocational Training, Agriculture Enterprise Development, and Entrepreneurship Training.


To provide training programs that facilitate the development through life skills, agriculture, entrepreneurship, technical vocational skills, and business development services.


A sustainable institution through which young men and women are empowered to improve their living standards.


  • To develop skills of men and women between the ages of 16 – 30 to establish and operate viable farms or other agricultural and rural based enterprises at a universally acceptable standard of living.
  • To encourage the formation and development of groups and other types of organizations amongst graduates of the GARD Center’s training programs and to establish links with existing local and regional organizations.

Major Achievements

  • Successfully acquired grants for Beekeepers
  • Partnered with Sandals Foundation to provide Hospitality Training to students (e.g., baking and decoration)
  • Successfully executed programs in Climate Smart Agriculture and Hydroponics.
  • Successfully partnered with Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) to implement Vetiver Grass soap, infused wine aroma, and other handicrafts.

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