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The Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement was established in 2006 to advocate for the transition to traditional forms of food production due to the impacts of chemicals on the food systems.


To produce, promote and facilitate the production of agricultural commodities of optimum quality and quantity by employing principles, methods, and practices that protect and enhance the farm environment with particular regard to co-existing rather than dominating natural systems.


To minimize pollution and damage to the environment through the maintenance or development of valuable existing landscape features and adequate habitat for wildlife concerning endangered species and thus considering the wider social and ecological impact of agricultural production systems.


  • To achieve a holistic, sustainable food system in Dominica based on organic practices and fair trade.
  • To provide DOAM stakeholders with information about market access, organic certification, organic agriculture processes, and networking for its members.

Major Achievements

Conventional farming is predominantly the preferred type of farming in Dominica. DOAM has gradually pushed for the gradual transition to organic farming, which will improve soil health. This was accomplished in the following areas:

  • Organic Crop Production
  • Organic Livestock Production
  • Organic Processing and Labeling
  • Crop Production Substances
  • Livestock Production Substances
  • Processing Substances

The organization has also :

  • Successfully lobbied the government to ban gramoxone in Dominica.
  • Built three compost facilities to allow farmers to utilize animal dung and promote waste management and separation to create low-cost organic inputs and promote the transition to organic matter instead of chemical fertilizer.

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NGO Contact Information Vice President: Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams

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