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The Dominica National Council of Women was established in 1986. The DNCW is a voluntary umbrella organization representing women’s groups on the island. It seeks to advance the cause of women and ensure the integration of women in all aspects of society. Since its inception, DNCW has taken on two major thrusts Development Programs and Crisis Services.


The Dominica National Council of Women aims to sensitize, empower and unite women and their families with the knowledge relating to their rights in order for them to develop their full potential; and find common solutions to problems affecting them, and create awareness of the vital role those women play in the development of the country.


To be the foremost national women’s organization in Dominica, providing social, economic, and psychological support to women and children in need.


  • To sensitize, empower and unite women and their families with the knowledge of their rights to develop their full potential.
  • To find solutions to problems affecting women in Dominica
  • To create awareness of the vital role those women play in the country’s development.

Major Achievements

DNCW Crisis Program

The DNCW crisis program focuses on a holistic approach to violence by delivering support that addresses prevention and response. It caters to the needs of individuals and families, utilizing education and training to promote peace and conflict resolution at individual, family, and community levels. DNCW’s counseling and shelter services comprise the interventions aimed at addressing the response dimension of the violence program. DNCW is an advocate for the recognition, monitoring, and full implementation of the Domestic Violence Act. Since the establishment of the Council, it has been providing counseling services for women, men, and their families.

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