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Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities was established in October 1983 and legally registered as a nonprofit in 1992.  It seeks to create opportunities and promote effective measures whereby persons with disabilities can actively and equally participate in their Country’s socio-economic development.


DAPD is committed to creating opportunities and to the promotion of effective measures whereby Persons with Disabilities can actively and equally participate in their country’s socio-economic development through education, training, rehabilitation, and employment.


The Vision of DAPD is to achieve an “all inclusive society” and enhance the dignity and status of Persons with Disabilities through legislation, policies, and administrative measures initiated by the State.  


  • To act as an advocate in all matters concerning the holistic development and welfare of persons with disabilities in the society.
  • To promote and undertake programs to enable the full participation and equalization of opportunities by all persons with disabilities at all levels of society.
  • To ensure the ratification by the Government of the United Nations (U.N.) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Major Achievements

  • Raised public awareness about the creative abilities and capabilities of persons with disabilities.
  • Trained dozens in independent living, income-generating, and leadership skills.
  • Secured medical treatment locally and overseas for many persons with disabilities.
  • Acquired assistive devices, aids, and equipment for persons with disabilities who cannot afford them.
  • Built a national headquarters.
  • Introduced Blind Cricket and Basketball on Wheelchair to the Dominican public.
  • Worked effectively regionally and internationally on the status of persons with disabilities

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