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The CariMAN Initiative was launched in 2006 at the Caribbean’s first male conference, Man Talk, held in Jamaica to address the many needs of the male community, which often were addressed haphazardly by disparate organizations and without coordination, structure, and organization. The founder and first Chairman, Dr. Peter Weller, envisioned that CariMAN would bring together men and organizations engaged in work with and for men. In 2010, CariMAN was legally incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago, and by 2011 had expanded its network across 12 Caribbean countries, including Belize. Early partners included UN Women, UNFPA, CARICOM/EU, PAHO, and UNDP.


To engage Caribbean men in the examination of existing beliefs and norms, the promotion of respect for diversity, and the development of new paradigms and competencies, thus creating opportunities to negotiate new relationships in order to achieve gender justice, social harmony, and peaceful partnerships.


A community of caring men committed to partnering with women to create a just world where all people achieve their fullest potential.


  • To ensure that men and boys are advocates for gender, social, and environmental justice.
  • To affirm the principles of gender equality and people of all gender identities should work together towards the common vision of gender and social justice and freedom of all forms of discrimination and violence.
  • To acknowledge and respect the diversity among men and boys in the Caribbean region regarding age, religion/spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, class, ability, educational background, sexual orientation and identities, and geography to promote positive development, livelihood, and existence.
  • To encourage men and boys and all others to be committed to their families and work to overcome challenges, ideologies, and stereotypes that prevent all men from becoming equal partners in caring for children and domestic tasks.
  • To encourage men and boys in the Caribbean region should critically reflect on our histories and engage in the continuous self-examination of the patriarchal power inequalities with humility, responsibility, compassion, and mutual respect.

Major Achievements

  • CariMAN participated in OECD Expert Group Meeting on Masculinities
  • CariMAN supported International Women’s Day Rally in Trinidad and Tobago
  • CariMAN hosted its 5th Regional Forum in Grenada
  • CariMAN attended MenEngage Global Alliance Board and Strategy Meeting

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