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The Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA) was established in May 1954 and Incorporated by an Act of Parliament in June 1967. The Association, via a  Human and Sexual rights approach, provides Sexual and Reproductive Health information, clinical services, education, training, community outreach, and research. The BFPA offers medical and clinical services, commodity/pharmaceutical distribution, sexual rights advocacy, intervention programming and counseling, and mental health support.


To serve and empower people with their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


A community where each individual has access to the highest quality sexual ad reproductive health information, education, and services.


  • To promote comprehensive sex education.
  • To expand access to sexual and reproductive health services to the LGBT, disabled community, and vulnerable populations.
  • Formulate partnerships with the Ministry of Health and other Governmental and International Agencies.

Major Achievements


  • Adolescence Young Mothers Program-The BFPA’s Adolescent Young Mother’s  Programme (AYMP)  empowers young adolescent mothers to achieve independent and self-sufficient lives. The BFPA provides a culturally enriched environment in which healthy, holistic living practices exist and cultivates a sense of positive energy and self-worth that will guide these mothers to become empowered, self-confident, nurturing women, mothers, daughters, companions, employers 
    and or employees


  •  Opened Total Quality Men’s Healthcare Clinic in  (1996)
  • Global West Windward award for the Delivery of Quality Healthcare ( 2017)
  • Global Westwind Youth Empowerment Award (2019)
  • Caribbean Addy Award Winners for best publications i.e. BFPA Reports and Magazines (2014 to 2018)
  • BFPA’s Youth ArmYouth Advocacy Movement (YAM) – Internationally recognized by the International Planned Parenthood Federation


  • 5,000 Young Persons Reached annually
  • Approximately 85,000 Services annually
  • 12,000 to 15000 persons reached annually
  • Over 130 000 persons were reached with information and messages through our social media and web outlets.
  • First Community Based HIV/AIDS Treatment Site in the Eastern Caribbean for those who test positive for HIV. The initiative means that HIV+ patients have another option, other than Government’s Ladymeade Reference Unit, where they can receive life-saving medication.
  • Social Enterprise Model, which generates 65% to 75% of its Income Annually(Social enterprise business model applies business solutions to social problems. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainability by enabling non-profits to support themselves financially in innovative ways instead of relying solely on grants and donations.)
  • Provision of training of University Medical Students Annually

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