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The Bahamas Chapter of the Redcross Society was established in 1975. The organization aims to assist those facing disaster, conflict, and health and social problems.


To serve all of the persons in The Bahamas, especially those most vulnerable, by providing humanitarian services and building resilience to prevent and alleviate human suffering and thereby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace.


We Will Collectively Build A More Resilient Nation –One Person, One Community at a Time.


  • To bring awareness, train, and mitigate against loss with an effort to save lives.

Major Achievements

  • Comprehensive Disaster preparedness and response program
  • COVID-19 and vaccination successes
  • Legacy Meals on Wheels and parcel program
  • Strong life-saving techniques and training with the first aid/CPR training and certification course.
  • HIV/AIDS program in sensitizing the public to having safe sex.
  • Development of resilience programs in several at-risk communities.

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