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Antigua and Barbuda Network of Rural Women Producers was founded in 2013 but officially registered in 2018. It is a body comprised mainly of Women who use agricultural resources to produce various products. It is a chapter of the Caribbean Network or Rural Women Producers (CANROP).


To improve the well-being of women producers in the Caribbean.


To be recognized as the most effective advocate for rural women producers in the Caribbean region.


  • Provide training and support rural women in agriculture
  • To develop marketing mechanisms to promote member products/services
  • To develop gender sensitive policy
  • To secure supplementary financial resources for members
  • To support the establishment of a legal framework that will give support to women’s issues
  • To develop gender-sensitive data collection instruments and facilitate the exchange of information

Major Achievements

  • Expanded office space / operational equipment including solar panels  with a grant from GEF and support from Ministry of Agriculture with building
  • Produced sweet cassava bread in partnership with Epicurean Supermarket thanks to support of IICA and Ministry of Agriculture
  • Acquired a grinding machine with support from FAO to assist with processing food
  • Successfully promoted a number of women agro processors in the market.

Verified Listing

NGO Contact Information President: Saran King

Saran King

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